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DUTCH HARBOR BREEZE Move over candy flavored spiced whiskeys… Dutch Harbor Breeze is the bigger bolder adult version. It’s a party in a bottle or a sipper on the rocks! A cinnamon spiced spirit with hints of natural root beer and a slight essence of orange. is aged with oak and cinnamon bark so the flavors infuse into the alcohol. It is also flavored with sassafras and sarsaparilla so you smell the aroma of the natural root beer. You will initially taste the cinnamon on the front end, root beer mid to back end and finish with a bit of orange essence. This spirit was built to be “a sipper on the rocks” as the ice melts you will still have a cocktail with flavor. It can be mixed with any of the basic sodas, ginger beer, energy drinks, coffee, hot buttered rum mix, hot chocolate or cider.  Charred Oak Cinnamon Sarsaparilla Orange Essence Agave Nectar Sassafras HAND CRAFTED SMALL BATCH DISTILLED