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GOOD MORNING GLORY Citrus Essence Agave Nectar Butter Rum Sarsaparilla HAND CRAFTED SMALL BATCH DISTILLED is sweetened with Blue Agave nectar for hints of caramel & vanilla, it also has notes of butter rum. Itís a spirit thatís meant to be mixed rather than consumed straight. When mixed itís mild as though thereís no alcohol in the cocktail making it easy to consume and it is easily mixed with most anything. For cocktails Good Morning Glory Grog is mixed like rum with any kind of soda pop, juice (fruit, tropical or citrus), iced tea or energy drinks. For hot cocktails; coffee, frappuccino, hot chocolate, hot buttered rum mix. Mix a little Good Morning Glory with an IPA, Stout, Chocolate Stout, Chocolate Porter or Hard Apple Cider. Adding a little Good Morning Glory gives your BBQ a nice little twist. Goodbye Spiced Rum, hello Good Morning Glory; A spirit that makes Rum cocktails a thing of the past!