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P F C “We put as much care into our product as you put into yours.” was created for the person that likes to do it for themselves.          St Helens M-91 is a 170 proof, Concentrated Premium Vodka. It was created so that you may make your own infusions or create your own Signature Vodka.  Distillation of vodka is as much art as it is science. Years of experience, knowledge, and science are necessary to produce a clean & pure distilled spirit. Attention to details results in an UNFILTERED Vodka that preserves the character and purity of tradition while leaving a clean, crisp finish.  •	St Helens M-91 does not sacrifice quality for a low shelf price. •	You have spent your valuable time, effort and money on your product. Don’t ruin it with a inferior infusion.  Infusions; when you infuse your favorite product, quite often you want to use a higher proof Vodka than you can get with the basic 80 proof Vodkas. Different flavors, aroma’s and character are acquired when infusing at higher proofs. For example, Whiskeys use between 100 – 15o proof during the oak barrel infusion and we use 145 proof for the best tasting Vanilla infusion. With M-91, you can cut it down to the appropriate proof for your infusion, then cut it again for consumption.   Creating your own Signature Vodka; Most Vodkas are 60% water (80 proof), M-91 only has 15% water by volume. We’re not saying to drink it that way! But you can add in 45% of your own preference in water or juice to cut it down to 80 proof. A few suggestions are; High PH Water, Electrolyte Infused Water, Flavored Water or Natural Spring Water. Another idea is to use a Sodastream™ and make your own Carbonated, Flavored Vodka. Impress your friends with your own Signature Vodka at the next party you attend. Proofing Chart 85	Proof = 1:1 ratio 	 •	1 part M-91 plus 1 part water 116	Proof = 2:1 ratio •	2 parts M-91 plus 1 part  water 129	Proof = 3:1 ratio •	3 parts M-91 plus 1 part water   80		Proof = 100 ml. M-91 : 117 ml. H2O  100 	Proof = 100 ml. M-91 :  74 ml. H2O 110		Proof = 100 ml. M-91 : 58 ml. H2O 120 	Proof = 100 ml. M-91 : 45 ml. H2O 130	Proof = 100 ml. M-91 : 33 ml. H2O 140 	Proof = 100 ml. M-91 : 23 ml. H2O 150	Proof = 100 ml. M-91 : 14 ml. H2O 160 	Proof = 100 ml. M-91 : 6 ml. H2O  ** Juice or any other non alcoholic beverage  may be substituted for the H2O. ST HELENS M-91 12 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 It’s 4:20 somewhere Why not adjust your attitude with an infused cocktail? G’s Green Dragon