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Our base belief is that having a libation with friends should be fun. We also felt that we could produce liquors that were good tasting without being pretentious.  So we made it our primary goal to produce an exceptionally clean Ethanol base for all of the products that we planned on building. Since we were all kind of geeks and happened to have a Petro Chemical Engineer on the team, we went about trying to figure out the best way to get to that end point. Just to be clear, we were more often than not wrong about most of the things that we did, but some of the things seem to be working out rather well. Here are some of those and the lessons we’ve learned;  ·	All Ethanol is Alcohol, not all Alcohol is Ethanol. Ethanol is the one that makes you Dance and Sing like a Rock Star. All of the others that are created (about 60) during fermentation (Isopropyl Alcohol, Methanol, Acetone, Fusel Oils, etc…) are the reason for the head aches and hangovers. Which is why we go to such great lengths to remove them from our product. They’re also the reason for the charcoal filtration that everyone else uses. I guess they feel that if they can hide them, then they can get you to buy them… ·	You cannot make an exceptionally clean liquor with just one type of still. It takes a pot still to make your cuts and it takes a reflux/fractionalization to raise the proof and set the character. Also while it’s easiest to use a continuous distillation system like the big boys use, you can only make it to our standards using a batch system.  ·	You’ve got to be willing to throw away a shit pot full of mediocre liquor when you’re doing your cuts. Otherwise you’ll end up hiding behind activated charcoal to make it appear pure. The only way to make it pure is with the stills. Once it’s pure there is no further need for any type of filtering or polishing. ·	Worry about making a good clean ethanol first, worry about the flavoring after you’ve done that. In other words, if one of your goals is to bring over flavor from the fermentation side (wheat, potato, rye, grapes, etc..) you just might forget about the really clean ethanol side of things. The two things don’t usually go together. ·	Last but not least, NEVER EVER leave engineers in charge of marketing! Bad things are guaranteed to happen. We thought 2 + 2 was 4, little did we realize that it’s actually blue…….  After all of that, it’s just a matter of flavoring and infusing with good quality products to produce the flavors that you want. Once you get that nasty rubbing alcohol out of the way, the rest is pretty easy… Cheers! · · · · · ye ol’ grog distillery Shunning  Normal & Embracing  Science Since 09-09-09 750 ml             39% Alc. by Vol.        (78 proof) 78  ST HELENS HAND CRAFTED & SMALL BATCH DISTILLED  Vodka Infused with Natural Flavors spiced Vodka ~ ~ proof ST HELENS 750 ml                40% Alc. by Vol.       (80 proof) HAND CRAFTED & SMALL BATCH DISTILLED Vodka UNFILTERED proof ST HELENS 750 ml                70% Alc. by Vol.      (140 proof) 140  HAND CRAFTED & SMALL BATCH DISTILLED Vanilla Flavored Vodka VANILLA Vodka Flavored